Our Mission

YamamaVision is your best resource for workplace and manager reviews and ratings! YamamaVision is the best platform for manager ratings and reviews to help job-seekers-everywhere find companies and managers they will love. Not only that, we emphasize companies’ best features as well as highlight the areas in which they can improve.

Our Values

We are transparent, open and honest. We share information – the good and the bad – so that we can continuously learn, collaborate and help match job-seekers to the companies that are the best fit for them. We are innovative. We actively pursue new and different ways to further our mission. We forge our own path by challenging the status quo.

We are good people. We work together with integrity, respect and compassion for one another.

We have fun together. We are inclusive, fair and humble while remaining confident in the work we produce. We do the right thing, period.

We have grit. We are resilient, resourceful and scrappy. We see challenges as opportunities. With passion and courage, we come together to get the job done.